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Daily life of a sous chef in a 2-star restaurant.

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Daily life of a sous chef in a 2-star restaurant

Have you ever wondered what it means to be Sous Chef in a 2-star restaurant? If so, watch this video, which gives you an insight into the everyday life of a sous chef who works in one of the best restaurants in the USA. The list of awards that Restaurant Mélisse (Los Angeles) has received since its opening in 1999 is long: In addition to two Michelin stars, the Forbes Travel Guide has named it "One of the Finest Five Star Properties in the World".

The video is about Sous Chef Joseph Johnsen, who tells you his story.

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How to: Business Plan Gastronomy.

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How to: Business Plan Gastronomy

If you want to set up a hotel and restaurant business, you need to be perfectly prepared in order to get off to a successful start. The business idea should be examined step by step in terms of its feasibility and economic potential by drawing up a business plan. This is a structured overview of the entrepreneurial project, which can provide orientation for both the founder and potential business partners and investors.

These 12 steps do not only help you to write a business plan. When creating such a plan, one of the goals is to seriously think about each of these steps. This helps detecting problems or deficiencies already in the planning phase and thus enables you to make

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made while Founding a Business.

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The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made while Founding a Business

A lot of time and effort is invested in setting up a business. Nevertheless, a large number of founders fail due to the same, basal errors. Here are the ten most common errors in a concie list.

Error no. 1

Wrong Expectations about Independence

The founding of a company requires a lot of work. Irregular working hours, as well as hardly any vacation and leisure time are the result. Income is also anything but steady, which can lead to problems when it is imperative to cover private costs. This can be, for example, the caring for a family.

Error no. 2

Lack of Preparation

Before a hospitality business can be established, the up-and-coming restaurateur must gather information about the industry

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Bringing nature into the dining room.

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Bringing nature into the dining room
Flowers create atmosphere in your restaurant

How well the guest feels at a restaurant is largely determined by the chosen decoration. For this reason, it is important for every restaurateur to create an atmosphere of friendliness and welcome.

Of course, there are different ways to give the restaurant a pleasant atmosphere. The interiors and the layout of the rooms are surely connected to each other in order to provide the right style in the guest rooms. The decoration is determined by the type of your business. The use of accessories depends on whether you run a restaurant, café, bar or pub.

The motto must be: Don't exaggerate

Less is more. Most guests will not really feel comfortable in the

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Sebuyo Guide: How to Calculate the budget of your restaurant!.

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Sebuyo Guide: How to Calculate the budget of your restaurant!

Opening a restaurant necessarily requires a financial investment. However, there is no such thing as a typical budget. The latter depends on a set of parameters specific to each business concept. Nevertheless, we can rely on common spending poles to each type of restaurant. In this article, you will learn on what base you are able to calculate the budget of your future restaurant.

Business and location

It is definitely the biggest expense you will have to make for the opening of your restaurant. If the location you are looking for hosted a restaurant before, you will have to pay a transfer fee to the previous owner of the business (price depends on the existing clientele and reputation).

Once the

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